New Class – April 5 – Gertrude Location – 1 pm

1 pm Excel bootcamp added – starting saturday April 5th, 2014

 Our bootcamp classes are an hour of hard work as well as fun and new every time! We use a circuit style approach to most classes with some group exercise thrown in the mix! The group environment is just what a person needs for an energy burst as everyone feeds off the intensity of the person next to them.






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Two Hard Laps

This Ringette season i asked teams attending our dryland to write a essay or piece of what it takes to make it to the podium at provincials and nationals. 

One of the athletes wrote this piece that i’d like to share. 


Two Hard Laps

U16 Magic 2013 / 2014


Skate faster than you ever have before

Lap after lap.

Keep your head up and don’t stop

Feel your blades cut into the ice and hear the sharp noise it makes

Stride after stride

Feel the sweat trickle down you forehead when you finally take a break for water


You tell yourself to keep going a while longer

Snow sprays when you stop before your coach

Gasping for air


Two Hard Laps


What would it take us to get to nationals – really?

A lot more two hard laps that’s what

And multiple sets of 100 push ups

I believe as long as we put the effort in we’ll see results

It’s unrealistic to believe we’re going to get anywhere without a little push

Really every accomplishment ever started with the decision to Try

If that’s all we have to do – try 

Then why not just do it.


At Practices,  Games and Workouts

When your open the fridge at meal time

or in the food court with your friends

All kinds of decisions you make can influence your performance

On a smaller scale If you and another girl are racing for a loose ring, why not go for it?

Chances are 50/50


If you used all your energy breaking up the ice but are now faced 1 on 1 with the goalie, make a move!

Everything starts with the decision to try

We are so passionate about our sport.

It took each of us a lot to get here and it takes a lot everyday to stay here so why not be the absolute best we can be as a team while we’re at it?


Being a successful team is more than team bonding

1 practice a week

1 Game a week and 1 workout

It’s about working together to create something you could never do by yourself

So I’d encourage everyone to think about that when they won’t pass to someone because they doubt their abilities or their hogging the ring all to themselves in the offensive end


A team effort is bigger than one person.

No matter how driven to succeed you are

Remember that you still can’t carry the ring over the blueline by yourself.


I want to be team Toba and represent the province at Nationals just as badly as every other person on this team

I hope we can come together and prove that it’s a team effort

No one is any less driven.


Me          Team  ✓

Not  1      But  16     ✓


Brickhouse Gym: Holiday Season classes.

Please note there will be no classes on

- Christmas Eve – Tuesday, December 24

- Christmas Day – Wednesday, December 25

There will be a class on Boxing day at 418 Gertrude for the Boxing Class at 12 noon for 1 hour. 

- Boxing Day – December 26, 2013

Classes are on schedule for Friday, December 27, 2013


There will be no classes on January 1st, 2014. 





Day Boot Camp! Back for December!

10 am – Co Ed Excel Bootcamp – At our Century location.




How to wrap hands


Class Schedule for November and December


10 am Class at Century location – pushing out some hard workouts

check out our program schedule for summer for classes available in your area.



GroupOn offer – Misprint – 6:15 am class is really 5:30 am


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